Meet the 2021 Emerging Translator Mentorship Program Mentees!

Meet the 2021 Emerging Translator Mentorship Program Mentees!

L to R: Ania Aizman; Alex Braslavsky; Jein Han; Jack Hargreaves; Ho Zhi Hui; Serin Lee; Lucy Scott; Jenna Tang (credit: Kao-Ying Chen)

The American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) is pleased to announce the mentees for the sixth year of the ALTA Emerging Mentorship Program! Congratulations to our eight exceptional emerging translators:

Ania Aizman (Russian Prose)
Ania Aizman is a postdoctoral fellow at the Michigan Society of Fellows and Assistant Professor in the University of Michigan Slavic Department. Ania’s translations of contemporary plays have appeared in PAJ: A Journal of Performing Arts and in New Russian Drama (Columbia UP, 2019). Learn more about Ania here.

Alex Braslavsky (Non-language-specific, non-genre-specific)
Alex Braslavsky is a translator and scholar of Polish and Russian poetry, as well as a poet. She is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Harvard Slavic Department and writes scholarship through a comparative poetics lens. She is currently studying under Jorie Graham and working on her first poetry collection. Learn more about Alex here.

Jein Han (Korean Poetry)
Jein Han is a freelance translator based in Seoul. With the support of ALTA’s mentorship, she will work on a translation of Lee Min-ha’s Phantom Limbs. Learn more about Jein here.

Jack Hargreaves (Literature from Singapore)
Jack Hargreaves is a translator from East Yorkshire. His work has appeared on Asymptote Journal and LARB China Channel. Recent and forthcoming translations include Shen Dacheng’s “Novelist in the Attic”, Li Juan’s Winter Pasture, Yang Dian’s A Contrarian’s Tales (unpublished), A History of Chinese Philosophical Thought and Buddhism and Buddhology. Learn more about Jack here.

Ho Zhi Hui (Literature from Singapore, for Singaporean nationals)
Ho Zhi Hui is a writer, translator and teacher from Singapore. She began her journey into literary translation in 2018, and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Translation and Interpretation at Nanyang Technological University. Translation has helped her discover her cultural roots, and she hopes to help bring a diversity of Chinese voices to English-reading audiences. Learn more about Zhi-Hui here.

Serin Lee (Korean Prose)
Serin Lee is a translator and poet from Seoul, South Korea. She is currently a fourth-year undergraduate studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Chicago, and her interests include migration writing, multilingualism, film, and everything that occurs at the intersection of image and text. Learn more about Serin here.

Lucy Scott (Dutch Prose)
Lucy Scott is an emerging translator based in New England with a focus on Afro-Dutch literature. Her translation of Karin Amatmoekrim’s De man van veel is her first book-length project. Learn more about Lucy here.

Jenna Tang (Prose from Taiwan)
Jenna Tang is a translator and writer from Taoyuan, Taiwan. She translates from
Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. She completed her MFA Creative Writing Fiction
degree at The New School in May last year. Her translations have been published in
Restless Books’ anthology And We Came Outside and Saw the Stars Again, Latin
American Literature Today,
and more. Learn more about Jenna here.

The 2021 ALTA mentees will share their work at the 44th annual ALTA conference this fall. Details forthcoming.

The mentors for the 2021 Emerging Translator Mentorship Program are Kareem James Abu-Zeid (Non-language-specific, non-genre-specific), David McKay (Dutch prose), Jack Jung (Korean poetry), Janet Hong (Korean prose), Jeremy Tiang (Literature from Singapore), Julia Sanches (Literature from Singapore, for Singaporean nationals), Mike Fu (Prose from Taiwan), and Marian Schwartz (Russian prose).

These mentorships have been made available in 2021 by ALTA in partnership with Amazon Crossing, the Dutch Foundation for LiteratureLiterature Translation Institute of Korea, the National Arts Council of Singapore, the Taipei Cultural Center in New York, and the Russian Federation Institute for Literary Translation.

Details about the program and this year’s mentors are available at