Write the World: A Day of Translation

Write the World: A Day of Translation

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Write the World: A Day of Translation on May 23, 2023 was a great success!

Recordings are available for free to those who registered for Write the World (please check your email confirmations from Eventbrite). If you missed it, you can still register to receive access to the recordings! Tickets cost $15, which will grant you access to all four panel recordings.

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Write the World panels were live-captioned and recorded. Recordings will be available to all registrants within the week after the event and can be accessed through the Crowdcast links in your confirmation email after registering. 


The Power of Literary Awards to Expand Readership, sponsored by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, 9:00-10:15am Pacific Time

Logo for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Literary awards have long been successful in celebrating and promoting authors, but is that true when it comes to works in translation? In 2006, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award was established to bring recognition to outstanding Arabic writing and promote the translation and reading of Arabic literature around the world. In this panel discussion, the US publicist for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award and one of this year's Literature category finalists, writer and editor Reem Bassiouney, and representatives from the National Book Critics Circle and National Book Foundation will discuss the creation and impact of these awards on global and personal levels. The discussion will be moderated by journalist Olivia Snaije.

Moderator: Olivia Snaije

Panelists: Reem Bassiouney, Anna Dobben, Adam Dalva, Erin Cox

Partnering for Success: Translators & Agents in the Publishing Industry, 11:00am-12:15pm Pacific Time

Translators are essential in bringing diverse stories and voices to readers around the world. However, selling translations can be challenging without understanding how agents and editors function within the publishing industry. What is the role of literary agents? Should translators seek out partnerships with literary agents? If so, what is the best way for translators and agents to connect and work together? In this session, a translator, agent, and publisher will discuss the various ways in which an agent can help translators navigate the business side of publishing, such as pitching projects, negotiating contracts, and marketing translations, along with building relationships with publishers.

Moderator: Joseph Brockway

Panelists: Elianna Kan, Heather Cleary, Ethan Nosowsky

Social Media Branding and Marketing for Literary Translators, 1:00-2:15pm Pacific Time

Social media can be a powerful and useful tool for literary translators to make ourselves and our work seen, particularly for emerging translators or those who are based in countries and regions away from the traditional hubs of Anglophone publishing. Creating a social media account is easy, but the choice of platform(s) to start with can be daunting. Is one platform better than the others to help you achieve your goals? Who do we want to reach out to – editors, publishers, readers? What should we post and is there really a golden time or day for maximum engagement? Anton Hur, Matthew Sciarappa, Sawad Hussain and moderator Yuki Tejima will share their experience and know-how in this panel comprising literary translators, book bloggers and social media experts in publishing.

Moderator: Yuki Tejima

Panelists: Matthew Sciarappa, Sawad Hussain

Publishing Translations: A Conversation Between Translators & Editors, 3:00-4:15pm Pacific Time

Before introducing our translations to the world, what does a professional relationship between translators and editors look like? What is it like to edit works in translation, and communicate intentionality that comes from considerations of style, the original language, and more? Are there differences when publishing translation as books, as shorter pieces in a literary magazine, or when translators write essays about languages? We have invited three editors (some of whom are also translators themselves) who have experiences working with translators––from publishing houses to literary magazines. We will explore elements of building a healthy relationship between both, and what it is like to introduce essays about translation, and translations themselves, to wider audiences. 

Moderator: Jenna Tang

Panelists: Alexa Frank, Stella Cabot Wilson, Soleil Davíd

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