We welcome everyone to our conference and are committed to making our programming and events accessible, and to making arrangements that allow all attendees to participate in the conversation. Program Manager Kelsi Vanada (520-621-1757) coordinates arrangements for persons with disabilities. During the conference, please go to the registration table for assistance. Please be respectful of another person’s right to use accessibility resources.

Meeting Rooms & Event spaces

Meeting rooms and events spaces at the convention, including restrooms, are wheelchair accessible and are accessible by elevator, and the doors are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. The Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center has wheelchairs available for attendee use at no cost.

Hotel Rooms

To reserve ADA compliant hotel rooms that are specifically equipped for persons with permanent or temporary disabilities, please contact the hotel directly. If you need assistance with the hotel, please contact Kelsi Vanada

Getting Around

Volunteers are available to escort attendees from session to session, or to and from off-site events. Please contact Kelsi Vanada as far in advance as possible to coordinate escort, or ask about volunteers at the registration desk.


ALTA is not a paper conference, and participants are asked not to read papers during their session. Referencing prepared bullet points or notes is allowed, and even encouraged, and accommodations will be made for those who need to read their presentation. However, papers are unavailable to be circulated before, during, or after sessions.

Speakers are asked to bring five copies of any handouts, papers, slides, or visual materials, even in draft form, for the use of members who wish to follow the written text. Speakers who use handouts should prepare some copies in a large-print format (14- to 16-point type size). Speakers should indicate whether they want their papers and handouts returned.

If your session or reading will be interpreted, you must agree to provide copies of your notes or translations to the interpreter in advance, so that they may have adequate time to prepare.

ASL Interpretation 

For a list of sessions with ASL interpretation at ALTA42 in Rochester, NY, click here.

Sign language interpreters can be arranged if requested in advance. The deadline to arrange for an interpreter is one month before the conference begins, though the convention office will make every effort to accommodate late requests. To arrange for these services, contact Kelsi Vanada by email or by phone at (520) 621-1757.

Lactation room

The Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center designates a private, quiet nursing room in the front box office. A phone-charging station and water are available.

Virtual Panel Participation

Guided by ALTA’s long-standing policy that panel presentations not be read, the organization generally does not allow virtual panel participation. Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the ALTA conference as one that promotes dialogue and builds community–qualities that are difficult to obtain over a video link. However, the ALTA Conference Committee will consider special petitions for virtual presentations in cases of last-minute emergency (please contact Kelsi Vanada to make this request). We recognize that the cost of conference participation can be burdensome, especially for those with limited or no conference funding; please consider applying for a Travel Fellowship, attending for just one day at the special one-day registration rate, or participating in the Work Exchange Program in exchange for a waived registration fee.