ALTA is a membership association governed by its Board of Directors. Directors are recruited and elected to the board by the membership of the association.  Each fall, eligible voting members will receive, by email, more information on the elections and deadlines. 

Please see the bylaws for more information.

From the President

Dear ALTA Friends and Colleagues:

I am excited and thankful to be the new president of our organization. As a literary translator working from a less-commonly-translated-language, I know that your support and fellowship have been crucial in my professional development. Serving ALTA as its president is therefore both a culmination and a chance to give back. I look forward to our work together.

The last three years have been a period of significant transformation. We have succeeded in operating as an autonomous literary arts organization governed by a member-elected board of directors. Since 2013, our conference attendance grew from 300 to nearly 500, and we continue to welcome many emerging literary translators who find in ALTA the very spirit of solidarity and fellowship that keeps us long-timers coming back. Months away from ALTA's fortieth anniversary, we look to our future with greater confidence.

By most measures, the new leadership will be a continuation of the previous, as we work just as hard to reinforce and build on what has been accomplished since 2013. Chief among our priorities will be sustainability. Whether in the area of programming, membership, or professional advocacy and support, sustainability will naturally depend on strong finances and steady operational oversight. In the coming months, I hope to continue updating you on our progress concerning these and other matters. Please don't hesitate emailing me ( with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

We hope you will continue to support us in our mission to advocate for literary translators and advance the art of literary translation in 2017 by renewing your ALTA membership now. 

Very best wishes,

Aron Aji, President
American Literary Translators Association