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FAQ 2023

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Write the World: A Day of Translation

ALTA46 Conference

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General Information

What does ALTA's programming look like this year?

The ALTA46 conference will be fully in person from November 8-11, 2023 in Tucson, AZ.

We will also have a day of virtual panels on May 23 called "Write the World: A Day of Translation." Multilingual workshops will take place twice, in April and August. Pitch Sessions (a member benefit) will also take place twice, in May and September. 

Write the World: A Day of Translation (Virtual)

What virtual platform will be used this year?

Our ticketing platform this year is Eventbrite, like last year. Purchase tickets for Write the World here. Virtual panels on May 23 will take place in Zoom meetings accessed through the link you will receive in your email from Eventbrite. 

How will I join virtual sessions?

The emails you receive from Eventbrite (confirmation and reminders) will contain a link to join the Zoom event. You'll also be able to add events to your personal calendar.

I can't find my Zoom link. Where do I look?

IMPORTANT: We send Zoom links in the confirmation email you receive from Eventbrite when you register for an event. Please read your confirmation emails from Eventbrite carefully, and save these links.

I am trying to access an event I paid for, but I'm getting a message that says "We're sorry, this page isn't available."

Rather than clicking the orange button that says "Join the Event" or "View the Event," please enter the Zoom meeting by clicking on the direct Zoom link in your confirmation or reminder email from Eventbrite.

Will recordings of virtual events be made available?

Those who have purchased a registration to Write the World will receive a link in their confirmation email from Eventbrite to view the event recordings on ALTA's Crowdcast channel. You will need to supply your email address, but will not be charged again to view the recording. Please be patient with our staff as we edit, caption, and upload event recordings to Crowdcast following our Write the World events; this can take up to a week.

Two things to note:

1. If you signed up to attend Write the World before it took place, the link to the Crowdcast recordings will be in your Eventbrite emails about Write the World (in the original confirmation email, as well as the reminders). 

2. If you did not sign up before Write the World took place, you can still register to get a link to the recordings. Register on our Eventbrite page for the event "Write the World Recordings."

ALTA46 Conference

What is the deadline for proposing a session for ALTA46? 

The call for participation will go live on March 14. The deadline for proposing a panel or roundtable is June 20, 2023. Only members may propose panels (though not all panelists need be members), and if you are proposing a roundtable, at least one organizer must be an ALTA member. There is detailed information on our Proposal Guidelines page.

I have a disability-related access request. Who should I speak with?

Please write to Program Manager Kelsi Vanada at kelsi@literarytranslators.org. You can visit our Accessibility webpage for updates as well.

What is the difference between a panel and a roundtable?

Panels feature a moderator and up to 4 additional presenters who share their ideas on a topic and then invite audience Q&A. Roundtables are discussion groups--organizers of roundtables don't have an outcome in mind, so much as a question they'd like to put heads together about. Please be sure to read the full descriptions found in our Proposal Guidelines.

Do presenters (panelists, roundtable participants, and bilingual readers) have to purchase registration to ALTA46?

Yes. As always, all presenters (panelists, roundtable organizers & participants, and bilingual readers) must purchase a conference registration to take part in ALTA46. Presenter registrations help ALTA cover the cost of putting on our programming. 

Who will participate in each roundtable, and how do they sign up?

Roundtable participants will be able to sign up via Google Form shared in our newsletter and on our website. Roundtables will fill up on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum number of participants is 15, including organizers (if there are 2 organizers, 13 participants can sign up, or 12 participants can sign up if there are 3 organizers). However, roundtables will also be open to unlimited audience members, who will be invited to join without participating (like auditors).

What if I want to attend a roundtable, but not sign up as a participant?

Roundtables will be open to unlimited audience members, who will be able to attend without participating (like auditors). 

Can I propose a roundtable with more than three organizers? 

No, in the interest of involving as many people as possible as participants in ALTA46, three organizers is the maximum. 

Is there a limit as to the number of proposals a person can be part of?


Can I change my title and description if my panel or roundtable is accepted?

No. For staff to have sufficient time to program accepted panels and roundtables, what you submit in the proposal form will be final.

What if I have an idea for a panel or roundtable, but I don't yet have panelists or fellow roundtable organizers?

We welcome you to submit a panel or roundtable with an incomplete lineup. If you mark that you are seeking additional panelists or roundtable organizers, ALTA will publicize your panel or  roundtable and contact information in our newsletter, and allow others to contact you to join your session as a panelist or organizer. You will be responsible for submitting a final lineup to ALTA by July 31. (Note that you will be unable to edit your title or description after June 20.)

How do I propose an individual Bilingual Reading?

The annual tradition of the Alexis Levitin Bilingual Reading Series will continue in person in 2023. Readings will be first-come, first-served, with priority given to ALTA members. Signups for reading slots will take place through a Google form, which will be shared in ALTA's newsletter and on our ALTA46 Get Involved web page starting March 14. Note that bilingual readers much purchase conference registration to ALTA46.

If I am the organizer of a roundtable or a presenter on a panel, can I also participate in other sessions or read in the Bilingual Reading Series?


Where can I read about the presenters taking part in this year's programming?

A list of accepted events at ALTA46 will be made available in late July. The ALTA46 schedule will go live in August, and the PDF of our program book will be available online in October, with printed copies at the conference.

Where will the ALTA conference be held next year?

We anticipate holding ALTA47 in another US city (not in Tucson).

2023 Workshops and Pitch Sessions

How do I sign up for a Multilingual Workshop?

Anyone can sign up for a workshop or workshops on our Eventbrite page. Current ALTA members receive 20% off with a promo code sent to your email (reach out to us at info@literarytranslators.org if you need your code). Read more here, and if you need to sign up or renew your membership, you can do so here.

How do I sign up for Pitch Sessions with translation editors?

Pitch sessions are exclusive to current ALTA members at no additional charge, and information about May pitch session signups will be emailed to all current ALTA members on April 18. Read more here, and if you need to sign up or renew your membership, you can do so here.

What can I expect after I pitch my translation to an editor?

If the editor you make your pitch to asks to see your work (congratulations!), you are responsible for asking them for their contact info during the pitch session, as ALTA will not distribute editor contact info to attendees. If you write to the editor, it may take them some time to get back to you, and you should also be prepared that they may not, if they decide the work is not a good fit for their publication. 

I need to cancel my pitch session: What do I do?

We understand that other obligations may come up that conflict with your scheduled pitch session. To cancel a session, please email Valentina at ga@literarytranslators.org as soon as you are able. 

Registration and Sponsorship

How do I register for the 2023 programming? How much does registration cost?

Conference registration rates will be posted on our website in mid-March, and registration opens in July. The sooner you register, the cheaper your rate! More registration information can be found on our registration web page. ALTA members receive a discount on conference registration, 20% off our multilingual workshops, and free pitch sessions with translation publishers, among many other benefits. If you are not currently a member, you can join ALTA or renew your membership on our website. 

Are there conference registration discounts available?

Students pay a discounted rate to attend ALTA conferences. To make ALTA conference programming as accessible as possible, we have set aside a limited number of complimentary conference registrations for ALTA46, designated for those who self-identify as having financial hardship or coming from communities traditionally underrepresented at ALTA. These registrations will be available via a lottery system. We also have a work exchange program: In exchange for free conference registration, work exchange volunteers in 2023 will assist ALTA staff with various tasks related to putting on our conference.

To learn more about our lottery and work exchange programs, please visit our ALTA46 Registration page. Note that deadlines for these programs are in the summer, so please plan ahead.

I know that members receive 20% off of conference registration and multilingual workshops. How do I access the member price?

Use the member code sent to you by email (search for "ALTA member promo code"). If you need your code, write to us at info@literarytranslators.org. To use your 20% off ALTA member promo code, click "Tickets" in the event you want to sign up for, then input the code at the top of the list of tickets where it says "Enter promo code." Be sure to click "Apply" and you'll see the price change.

Do presenters (panelists, roundtable participants, and bilingual readers) have to purchase registration to ALTA46?

Yes. As always, all participants (panelists, roundtable participants, and bilingual readers and their authors) must purchase a registration to take part in ALTA46. Presenter registrations help ALTA cover the cost of putting on our programming. 

What payment options are there for registration?

You may pay for registration using a credit or debit card, or via PayPal. We do not accept cash or check.

What are this year’s sponsorship opportunities?

We will offer a variety of virtual sponsorship options for this year's virtual and in-person programming, designed to help you get the word out about your publications, press, or translation program–including advertisements in our digital program book, your logo featured on promotional material, and featured event sponsorships. Please check our Sponsorship page for more opportunities to reach ALTA’s audience. Contact: Program Manager Kelsi Vanada, kelsi@literarytranslators.org.

Staying Connected

How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways you can be involved with ALTA and contribute to the community. Check out our ALTA46 Get Involved page. Become an ALTA member; consider volunteering to serve as a committee member or National Translation Award expert reader; and please consider making a charitable donation to ALTA.

Where should I look for updates regarding ALTA46? 

Stay tuned on our website, and follow our blogFacebook page, and Twitter feed to find out about conference updates. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter as well, if you have not already done so!