ALTA44 Registration Rates

ALTA44 Registration Rates

2021 is another year of firsts for ALTA: as the pandemic continues, we are programming an exciting mixed-presence conference for our community. Virtual and in-person options will allow attendees to join us this fall in the way that makes sense for them: read more about what to expect here. You’ve told us how important it is that the conference remain financially accessible, especially given the challenges of the past year; in response, we have brought down registration prices across the board for this year and are offering pay-what-you-can options. 

Our Standard Registration rates are listed in the middle column below. For those who are not in a position to pay the standard rate, there is the option of a $50 Reduced Rate. If you are able to pay more, please consider registering at the Pay-it-Forward Rates, which offset costs for others and help make the conference more accessible for everyone. 

One thing hasn’t changed: ALTA members still receive discounted registration. Become an ALTA member today for 20% off registration, the ability to propose roundtables and seminars, and other benefits. And to the extent that you are able, please give to ensure that ALTA can continue its work. 

Registration opens on July 12, 2021.

Find out about discounts, complimentary registrations, and other important dates on our ALTA44 registration page!