Quest Writer's Conference

Quest Writer's Conference

The Quest Writer’s Conference, held at the intersection of sea and sky, glacial mountain and temperate rainforest, is itself a crossroads for each writer who attends. Faculty of the conference are chosen for their generosity and ethics as teachers as surely as for the brilliance of their art. These poets who also write prose, hybridizers of fiction and non-, startlers of memoir, essay assayers, masters of sound, image, and style offer their experience writing at crossroads to open unlimited possibility for participants writing in all forms. Fellows and Scholars offer their unique and expert gifts to all participants. Every conference attendee is invited to both give and grow in a vibrant, intensive atmosphere of radically transformative community and joyous development of individual craft.

Genres published 

  • Poetry / Fiction / NonFiction / Drama

Writing styles published 

  • Experimental / Contemporary

Languages published 

  • English

Source Languages 

  • Any
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